Our Guide To Cashmere Care 

 1. Prepare a basin with tepid warm water and add a generous squeeze of mild detergent or hair shampoo (after all, cashmere is goat hair).

2. Submerge item(s) into the soapy water using your hands to agitate the water and detergent. Press the detergent into the item and leave to soak for at least 15-20 minutes.

*DO NOT PANIC if you see color in the water. This is normal and it is simply the yarn dye releasing some color. You will not notice any loss of color at the end.

3.  Rinse the item well with luke warm water (make sure it is the same temperature you washed the item in) until soapy water is gone.  Do not wring; press the water out of the item instead. Never rinse with hot water, it will cause sweaters to shrink.

4. Lay out your semi-wet sweater/snood onto a towel and roll it up pressing out as much water as you can with the towel.

5. Once you have removed as much water as possible from the items, remove from the wet towel and lay it out on a fresh new towel or drying rack, away from sunlight or heat sources.

6.Making sure to put the sweater back into its original shape. It will dry however you place it. Never hang your cashmere as it will distort the shape and fit.

7. Leave to air dry.


Storage and Other Tips

When storing for the season, always make sure the items are clean. Moths are attracted to dirt or stains so make sure they are nice and fresh when putting them away.

Place Items in a breathable storage bag that has a zip to close the bag – this will make sure you keep critters out. Try to avoid storing in plastic.

Also store with a natural bug repellent such as Lavender – this also keeps the cashmere smelling wonderful!

 Hand washing will lengthen the life of colored garments.

Pills can easily be removed by hand or by using a cashmere comb. By removing pills this way, the pieces will actually strengthen and soften over the years.