Creating a sustainable knit-wear brand without compromising on quality, design or comfort is our mission at RUBY RUFUS. Our sweaters are made of cashmere, a natural material that provides more feather-light warmth than synthetic alternatives and can insulate up to three times more effectively than regular wool - which can feel itchy and scratchy. Cashmere’s fibers are ultra soft and super-fine, producing a smooth texture that stays luxuriously supple and is a delight to wear. Gentle enough for puppies and sensitive dogs.

RUBY RUFUS pieces feel light and pillow-soft to the touch and also have a natural elasticity for easy movement. Our sweaters are breathable, keeping your pet warm and comfortable through the transition of the changing seasons while being cozy enough to wear indoors.

We love that our sweaters are incredibly soft, totally toasty, breathable and durable. Most of all, they are timeless piece that your dog will enjoy for a lifetime.