Why Cashmere?

We get it - it's cashmere for a dog. Let us tell you why. 

Cashmere is a lightweight, 100% natural fiber that insulates up to three times more effectively than wool. Other brands commonly use non-breathable synthetic materials that can irritate and harm your pet's skin. Your dog is always our #1 priority. At RUBY RUFUS our mission is to keep your dog warm, comfortable and happy without compromising quality and design. Every product that we create has to have 3 requirements:

We would wear it ourselves if we could.

Carry the pillow softness that cashmere promises.

Your dog will enjoy wearing it, both at home, or chasing tails in the park.

We keep in mind the adventures that come with being a dog owner. Our luxurious cashmere also has the elasticity and durability needed to last a lifetime. Your dog will never have to shiver (or be dressed badly) again.